Elisabetta Giomo-James

Elisabetta Giomo-James graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of South Dakota in 2013. Currently, she is a student in the online MSW program at the University of Houston, completing her last year which includes a practicum at New Life Treatment Center.

Elisabetta first joined BHSSC in July 2019 as a TIE Learning Specialist focusing on promoting well-being and mindfulness practices, social emotional learning, and equity in the public education system. During her time with TIE, she enjoyed collaborating with the SD Statewide Family Engagement Center (SD SFEC) and supporting its efforts. In July 2020, Elisabetta was glad to join the SD SFEC team to continue growing the work around family engagement across South Dakota communities. She is passionate about supporting SFEC work around trauma-informed practices and resilience, while promoting practices and resources to assist families learning about their rights and using their voice. Elisabetta’s prior professional experiences include providing outpatient mental health services and managing the Title VI/Native American Education Program at her local school district. She is a member of the South Dakota Change Network Program and a fellow of the South Dakota ACEs and Resiliency Fellowship.

During her free time, Elisabetta loves spending time with her husband and their 2 boys, and traveling to her home country – Italy. Elisabetta is involved in her local community, and can be counted on to support any efforts that promote art, mental health, inclusion and social justice.

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