Julia Bevier

Julia Bevier serves as a Butte County Family Education Specialist with Black Hills Special Services Cooperative. Julia holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Specialist Degrees in Education. She has an electric passion for helping others in small communities. Her drive to pursue service work led her to BHSSC. Prior to joining the organization, Julia spent time teaching preschool-age children in childcare facilities and Head Start centers. In this capacity, she had the amazing opportunity to prepare young children for their first experience in K-12 schools! She treasured her time with these kids and treated them as her own. 

Born and raised overseas, Julia is extremely open-minded to exploring other cultures and traditions and is excited to share hers when she has a chance.

In her spare time, Julia is as crafty as they come. She owns and operates a small business that specializes in custom shirts, crochet items, and any other crafty knick-knack you can dream up. She also enjoys working out, taking long walks with her dogs, gardening, and spending time with her family.

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