CADs Program

Implementing and maintaining an effective district Special Education program can be demanding and complicated process. Within Special Education programs, there are several indicators and variables that greatly impact these district and building programs throughout the school year. The Comprehensive Assessment of District Special Education Program (CADS Program) was developed to evaluate three key indicator areas: Program Effectiveness, Efficiency, & Data Usage; IDEA Requirements; and School Organization and Culture. Effectively evaluating these indicators will allow you and your staff to understand areas of strengths and opportunities for growth. After conducting an evaluation and issuing a report, focused suggestions, guidance, PD, and support will be provided to meet your specific district and building needs. If you are curious about this, please contact us and we can provide a free half-day initial meeting to discuss implementing this program within your district.

Program Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Data Usage

  • Evidence Based Practices
  • Staffing Pattern
  • Least Restrictive Environment
  • Data Driven Decision Usage
  • IEP Mastery

IDEA Requirements

  • Focused File Review
    • Self-Assessment
  • Staffing Experience Review
  • State and District Data Analysis

School Organization & Culture

  • Leadership
  • Professional Development
  • Collaboration
  • Parent engagement
  • Climate
  • Curriculum and Instruction