DSP of the Year 2023 Darnell Nichols

Congratulations, Darnell!

This year we received nominations for six DSPs for DSP of the Year, two of whom have already been the DSP of the Year: Sonya Kelii and Tina Smith. The other nominees were Regan Kidd, Kathy Wilson, and Kaley Benjamin. All of the nominees were exceptional candidates and deserving of this recognition, but…this year’s DSP of the Year for BHSSC is Darnell Nichols!
Darnell has worked at BHSSC as a DSP since 2018. The person nominating Darnell stated that he creates individual relationships with each of the people he supports. He understands their needs, likes, and dislikes. He ensures that each person is represented within their community, home, and day program. Darnell creates a fun environment, which encourages each person supported to be themselves. He is a role model for respect, kindness, empathy, and inclusion.
Darnell’s daily actions show that he cares about his job, staff and most importantly the people he supports. We all know that Darnell is willing to help when asked. Darnell will be attending the Simply the Best Conference in Mitchell where he will be recognized along with the DSPs of the Year from the 21 Community Support Providers in SD. The other nominees will have an opportunity to attend the conference as well. Darnell will also be recognized at the BHSSC Christmas party as the recipient of the Randy Morris Memorial award.