Megan Handshue

Megan Handshue joined the BHSSC team as a birth-5 family engagement learning specialist in 2021. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology and Bachelor’s in Child and Family Studies. Before joining the SDFEC team she worked as a behavior specialist, K-12 substitute teacher, Montessori teacher, preschool teacher, family, and executive functioning coach, and was the founder and executive director of an early learning center. Megan’s specialties include helping families better understand their child(ren) and creating community programming that honors the whole human- mind, body, and spirit.  An entrepreneur and avid lifelong learner, she’s traveled the world with her tween son worldschooling, studying how other cultures do family, community, learning, and life, and can attest that there is no one size fits all path to success or education as long as we have a village helping us along the way.  

 Megan loves partnering with families and strongly believes that parents are a child’s first teacher and most valuable resource. When she is not empowering families to be their child’s strongest advocate or geeking out over brain development, she is either traveling to keep her sense of awe, wonder, and joy or trying to keep up with her son’s constant quest for adrenaline and adventure.

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