Michelle Carr

Michelle Carr joined BHSSC as a Family Education Specialist. Michelle has taught nearly every grade level, held leadership positions, and taught pre-service early education teachers as a college instructor. Michelle holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in education and has experience in designing and piloting innovative, award-winning early childhood education and parenting programs for school districts. An internationally certified mindfulness instructor, Michelle teaches individuals of all ages and has a particular interest in supporting educators. Michelle has presented for state education conferences, and departments of education, provided professional development for school districts, and individual mentoring for teachers wanting to incorporate social-emotional learning and mindfulness practices. Believing in life-long learning, Michelle is working toward a terminal degree in education.

Raised in the Black Hills, Michelle loves the outdoors and is willing to try anything that brings her into nature. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, her parrots, and other animal family members.  An avid reader, Michelle has a habit of reading several books at a time and believes she won’t have enough time to read everything she wants to. Always looking for adventure, Michelle became a licensed skydiver in her 40s and loves to play in the sky.

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