Darbi Hunt on SDPB TV program "South Dakota Focus"

Focusing on Early Childhood

Darbi Hunt, Birth-Five Project Director for our Community & Family Services Division, was interviewed recently on SDPB’s “South Dakota Focus” series. Click here to view the first episode in the series, where Hunt and other guests speak about maternal health issues.

Hunt speaks with families often about these issues through her work with the USD Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment’s South Dakota Early Childhood Comprehensive Systems Collaborative (SD-ECCS). She supports the SD-ECCS Family Leadership Group—a group of parents of young children that meets monthly and helps drive the work of SD-ECCS. The group also provides input to state agencies.

“It has been amazing to see a trend in the state where organizations are looking for genuine family voice and using the information they gather from families to improve their services and support.” Hunt says.

Hunt worked with family leaders on their presentation, “Family Voice for Early Childhood,” which they presented at a national conference. Additionally, a Family Leadership Group member was tapped to serve at a national level.