Career Learning Center of the Black Hills Assessment Center Seeks Sponsors

Providing Proctored Assessment to Western SD

For the past 20 years the Assessment Center at our Career Learning Center of the Black Hills has provided proctored assessment to meet our communities’ needs. Tests are administered for 1,500-2,000 professionals, job applicants, employers, government agencies, and students annually.The Assessment Center currently offers more than 1,325 professional assessments, certifications, and licensures and continues to add tests as needs arise. Examples of some of the tests offered include: certifications for EMT’s, paramedics, nurses, medical billing, electrical technicians, federal agents, GED® testing, FFA Airman testing, and more!To ensure that this vital assessment service can continue, the Career Learning Center is seeking sponsors to help cover the costs of running our comprehensive testing facility that meets all of the technology and security requirements. To find out more, contact our Education and Workforce Development Director, Jeanne McKenna.